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SBS USA Resources

Educational Materials (brochures, posters, and videos, including materials in Spanish and other languages) – Store


“Boosters Are For Big Kids” for the elementary classroom (grades K-3 or 4-5) and families. Contact Us to discuss bringing this child passenger safety program to your elementary school. Curricula


Checkup Form (English) (Spanish)


Safety seat online check form


Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions with Summaries (CRMIS) is a compilation of complete manufacturers’ instructions for all child restraints made in the last 10 years, with summary sheets developed by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Summaries for each seat include revised recommendations from manufacturers, minimum and maximum weights, first and last dates made, harness threading, LATCH information, belt path diagrams, identification photos, and more. Sample summary

Color Pictorial Guide to Safety Seats is a collection of color photos that makes it easier to identify child restraints. The photographs are organized by type of safety seat, then alphabetically by manufacturer, and then by appearance. If the manufacturer is known, scroll down to those models. If not, scroll to view all of the safety seats of that type. To help with identification, each photo has a caption with the manufacturer, model name, and years when the product was first made and discontinued. Sample pictorial

List of Recalls and Replacement Parts for Child Restraints is the most current, comprehensive list available. All child restraints made within the last 10 years are listed by manufacturer. This is followed by a list of the child restraints with no recalls in effect.

LAW ENFORCEMENT Briefing on California Child Restraint Law

This outline was designed for use by Child Passenger Safety Technicians, health educators, and law enforcement training staff. Any presenter should prepare by carefully reviewing the briefing packet. Allow about 20 minutes for the presentation.

    • Briefing packet – Download
    • Brochures: The Perfect Gift – English / Spanish / Order
    • Citation Reminder Cards – SBS USA will send a supply of cards at no cost (one card per officer in the field). To order, contact us.
    • Motivational Photos (laminated posters, 11 x 17”) – View / Order

Safe Rides to CHILD CARE How to drive safety with children of all ages.

Tether Retrofitting (Toyota/Lexus) – Installation Program


“Don’t Risk Your Child’s Life IX” video from Shelness Productions USA on DVD in English or Spanish. Running time: 29 minutes.

    • The most comprehensive, up-to-date child passenger safety video available, covering selection and correct use of safety seats. Demonstrates current technology and best practice recommendations. Special pricing for SBS USA Members/Subscribers. Contact


California Only


Handouts (English)

List of Handouts

Handouts (Spanish)

Lista de Folletos




Child Passenger Safety Educator Workshops (4 CEUs). 8-hour introductory workshop to educate community volunteers, and professionals to teach parent classes and staff community exhibits. Students receive a Reference & Teaching Guide, including extensive program and curriculum resources. Suitable for anyone who works with children and families.  Check the calendar for the next CPS Educator Workshop. Request to join training notification list.


National Child Passenger Safety Technician Training in Los Angeles. Check the calendar for the next CPST Certification Training. Request to join the training notification list.


SBS USA Webinars for Nurses, Head Start, or Child Care providers. Contact us or Check the calendar for the next webinar.


Hospital Policy Workshop 4-hour workshop on legal responsibilities of hospitals and health care providers under the California child restraint law. Participants draft a hospital policy document during the session. For more information, Contact Us.


Law Enforcement Briefing on California Child Restraint Law. Schedule virtual Roll Call Briefings with SBS USA to share basic information on CPS. Contact Us.


Social Worker Training 1-day workshop introducing basics of child passenger safety and afternoon of selection and installation of safety seats. For more information, Contact Us.