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Some of our volunteer duties include:

  • Safety seat checkups
  • Community events
  • Social media
  • Board member

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Online Safety Seat Check

Is it a safe product?

  • List of Recalls and Replacement Parts for Child Restraints
    • Click here to find out if your child’s safety seat is recalled, and to get answers to the following questions:
      • What is a child safety seat recall?
      • Does the seat have to be sent back?
      • Can a recalled seat be used?
      • How can a seat be registered?
      • How can I report a problem?
      • How do I check a seat for a recall?
  • Are Used Safety Seats Safe?
    • Click here to learn about the dangers of buying safety seats at garage sales or at thrift stores. Our checklist may help you decide whether to reuse a safety seat.

Is your safety seat a good fit?

  • The best safety seat provides a good fit for your child, your car, and your family. Click here to learn more about what is the “best” safety seat.

Is correctly installed and adjusted?


  • Checklist (Heidi)
  • Tip 6 (Heidi)
  • Tether Anchors (Heidi)



Boosters and Belt-Fit/5-Step Test



Community Resources

Childcare – Parent Guidelines

Tether Anchor Retrofitting (add icon to make it easier for parents)

  • Allows owners of pre-2001 Toyota or Lexus vehicles to have one or more tether anchors installed for $5 each. More information

Special Transportation Needs

  • For assistance in English call our Helpline 1800-745-7233
  • For assistance in Spanish call 1800-747-7266

Handouts (incl. Materials in Spanish)

  • Are used car seats safe?
    • Evaluation form
  • Why are airbags dangerous for children?
  • Are school buses safe?
  • Dangers of safety belt positioning devices
  • Selecting the appropriate safety seat for your child
  • How long should children ride facing the rear of the car?
  • Warning! Kids at risk from strangulation from loose or unused belts
  • Choosing the safest way for your child to ride
  • Basic Guidelines for transporting children safely
  • Answering concerns about safety belts (ask SMT)
  • Quick Checklist for Safety Seat Misuse
  • Evaluation Form for used safety seats
  • Ideas for PTA groups to promote car safety for children
  • For CA parents
    • Distribution List (LA county)
    • SBS Checkup events
    • CA law (630CA)