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  Law enforcement checkpoints for child restraint use
  Teaching parents how to use car seats correctly



Protect your program from liability by using accurate, up-to-date materials. Don’t take a chance with a child’s life!


How to order:

The Child Passenger Safety Reference Manual
Part 1: Reference and Teaching Guide This guide, used in the eight-hour SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Educator Workshop, contains curricula for health professionals, statistics, information on laws and regulations, sample speech outlines, resource lists, up-to-date technical information, and guides for safety seat distribution program development, special needs transport, and early childhood programs.
Part 2: DVD with Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions and Summaries (see next item for details). Order #45-49. $50 + shipping/handling (see chart). Can be purchased online at

Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions with Summaries on DVD (#450) order form / buy online
This is a compilation of complete manufacturers’ instructions for child restraints made for the last 10 years, with summary sheets developed by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Summaries for each seat include revised recommendations from manufacturers, minimum and maximum weights, first and last dates made, harness threading, LATCH information, belt path diagrams, identification photos, and more. The 2017 DVD has summaries and manufacturer instructions for approximately 400 child restraints, as well as manufacturer instructions for 25 special needs child restraints. This is an indispensable tool for Technicians, as the majority of caregivers do not bring instructions with them when having their child restraint inspected. Access to instructions received after this DVD was produced is available by subscription.
Credits for Continuing Education: Click here for information about taking the DVD quiz for one CEU.
(#450DVD): Click here 
to view a sample of the Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions with Summaries on DVD. $20 each for a single copy; $15 each for 100-249; $12 each for 250-499; $10 each for 500 or more; shipping included. Can be purchased online at

Color Pictorial Guide to Safety Seats (#50)
This collection of color photos makes it easier to identify child restraints. The photographs are organized by type of safety seat, then alphabetically by manufacturer, and then by appearance. If the manufacturer is known, scroll down to those models. If not, scroll to view all of the safety seats of that type. To help with identification, each photo has a caption with the manufacturer, model name, and years when the product was first made and discontinued. Click here to view a sample of the Color Pictorial Guide to Safety Seats.
Printout: Order #50. $50 + shipping/handling (see chart).
Color Pictorial Subscription (#50s): Download the PDF and print a specified number of copies. Print 1-9 for $30 each; 10-19 for $25 each; 20-49 for $20 each; unlimited copies for one year (to be printed and distributed by your agency only) for $1000. Order #50s (subscription) and specify quantity.

List of Recalls and Replacement Parts for Child Restraints
Revised every time there is a new recall, the SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.. list is the most comprehensive recall list available. In addition to official recalls, it includes information about other replacement parts provided voluntarily by manufacturers. Safety seats without a recall also are listed, which prevents the dangerous error of assuming there is no recall if the correct name of the seat is not recognized. Order #179. $10 for a reproducible master (shipping/handling included), or subscribe to Recall Update Service (see below). (View non-printable PDF file.)

Subscriptions Recommended for CPS Technicians, Instructors, and Program Managers
Subscriptions are based on a calendar year (the following year is included if paid October 1 or later). Contact Stephanie Tombrello to request CEUs (provide Tech or Instructor ID #). Group subscriptions for all Techs in your state or other groups are available.
Recall Update ($50 minimum):
SafetyBeltSafe News Our bi-monthly newsletter on child passenger safety. Approved for 1 CEU for Certified CPS Technicians/Instructors.
List of Recalls and Replacement Parts for Child Restraints Online access to a printable version of the most current, comprehensive list available. An up-to-date recall list and other technical or program materials will be provided by regular mail, if necessary.
CPS Tech Access Package ($100 minimum) All of the above plus online access to download and print new and revised manufacturers’ instructions for child restraints not included on DVD (see #450 above for description).
CPS Tech Special ($135 minimum) All of the above plus Safe Ride News (a $58 value) through the calendar year and the current DVD of Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions with Summaries (see #450 above for description).
Agency/Hospital ($200) All of above plus 100 free brochures and SafetyBeltSafe News sent to 4 additional members of the group. 1 CEU for up to 5 Technicians.

Resources for Community Programs

Brochures in Color:
May be ordered in quantity for distribution by your group. Single copy free (no shipping/handling). Quantity price $0.20 each. Contact SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. for shipping/handling charge.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Your Child’s Safety. Describes how to choose and use car safety seats correctly, including a list of current models available by type. 28th Edition. Order #26 English or #27 Spanish.

Protect Your Baby Now . . . And Later. Shows the pregnant woman why she should wear her safety belt for her baby’s sake. Explains how to select and properly use safety seats for newborns. Order #184 English or #184s Spanish. 2014 Edition

Safety Belt Roulette Humorous drawings and a quiz on passenger safety myths. 4th grade through adult. Order #4 (English only).

Basic Brochures: Keep Your Children Safe, Buckle Them Up!
Single copy free (no shipping/handling). Quantity price $0.18 each. Contact SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.. for shipping/handling charge.

Low reading level, basic informational brochures in many languages. Specify order number for language and US (for national version) or CA (includes information on California laws regarding child passengers and unattended children in vehicles). Available in the following languages (view those in blue):

 #28    English (with CA Laws summary);
 #28oc (without laws)
#195 Tagalog
 #29    Spanish (with CA Laws summary);
 #29oc (without laws)
#119 Armenian
 #33    Russian #121 Vietnamese
 #94    Chinese #150 Cambodian
 #96    Korean #183 Farsi
 #148  Arabic

“NO EXCUSE” POSTERS feature four different messages based on common excuses for not buckling up children on every ride:

#1 Child on lap   #2 They may scream   #3 It takes an adult   #4 It’s a hassle

Sponsored by Nissan North America and Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. View posters Order #1-4 English or #1-4 Spanish
Free sample set of four posters in English or Spanish + $5 shipping/handling.
Larger quantities available free. Contact SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. for shipping/handling charge.


#6 Child too big for seat;  #7 Injuries, no booster;  #8 Misuse, child died;  #9 Truck crash, child saved;

#10 Air bag injury  #11 Booster, no booster  #12 Forward-facing baby

Laminated 11″ x 17″ sheets with color photographs. View posters
Order by poster number:  $7 each + shipping/handling (see chart).


Boosters Are For Big Kids Kit by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.  This kit includes 2 curricula (for grades K-3 and 4-5), video or DVD, 2 posters, bookmark, bumper sticker, sample brochure, letters to parents (English or Spanish), letter to teachers/volunteers, booster “rap,” masters for homework and classroom activity, and reproducible information sheets for parents (English or Spanish). Order #700V for kit with video or #700DVD for kit with DVD. $30 each + shipping/handling (see chart).

Boosters Are For Big Kids Poster Order #701 $4 each + shipping/handling.

Does Your Child Need a Booster? Poster Order #703 $4 each + shipping/handling. (see chart on order form)

Boosters Are For Big Kids Video in VHS or DVD format. 3 minutes for children; 4 minutes for adults (English and Spanish). Order #702V for VHS or #702DVD for DVD. $10 each + shipping/handling (see chart).

Boosters Are For Big Kids Bumper Sticker “School bus yellow” background with black (English) or red (Spanish) print (see photos below); 5-Step Test printed on peel-off backing. Order Bumper-2 (English) or Bumper-3 (Spanish). $1 each includes shipping/handling.

Boosters Are For Big Kids Bookmark Colorful educational piece in English or Spanish (see photos below); 5-Step Test, recommending back seat to age 15. $15 for 100, includes shipping/handling.

5-Step Test Poster Laminated, black and white poster (17″ x 22″) for teaching. Lists the 5 Steps and shows pictures of a child with and without a booster. Text on the back of the poster (“Does Your Child Need a Booster Seat?”) provides instructor with information for parents. Order Poster #5. $7 each + shipping/handling (see chart).

TEACHER’S GUIDE:  A POSITIVE APPROACH TO TEACHING PASSENGER SAFETY TO YOUNG CHILDREN (Bucklebear) by Dillman, Leonard, and Chang (6th Edition) — This guide presents a comprehensive program for teaching passenger safety to nursery school age children (3 to 5 years) — and to their parents. The program was developed at UCLA with an innovative grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Restraint use doubled at schools participating in the pilot program, and the curriculum was enthusiastically received by children, parents, teachers, and administrators. Described activities can be easily adapted to existing materials. The Guide also can be used with “Riding with Bucklebear” materials by Weiner/Seaman Productions. Order #86. $15 for loose pages or $18 with binder + shipping/handling (see chart).

RIDE SAFE FROM THE START An online education program, in English or Spanish, for first-time expectant parents. Seats inspected in the pilot program had fewer usage errors than a control group. Includes crash footage to emphasize risks, how to choose and use a safety seat for baby, how to buckle up when pregnant, in-car safety belt exercise, and basic information for older children. Program has 11 modules with short tests; 85% success required to proceed. Participating agencies are advised to “assign” families to use program during 6th-8th months. May be completed in several sittings. To license for use by your agency: $50/annual fee plus $50 renewable advance payment to cover $1 fee for each user-family. Call 310/318-5111 or e-mail for more information.

Available educational webinar for Head Start staff. Following the recent highly successful collaboration between California Head Start Association, T/TAS at Western Kentucky University, and SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A., we are pleased to announce that we are able to offer all Head Start organizations around the country the opportunity to access this one-hour, webinar-based session, Why and How Head Start Programs Should Integrate Child Passenger Safety. After its introduction in July to 150 Head Start providers around the country, SBS USA has received numerous requests to offer this presentation again so that entire Head Start staff can receive the same consistent, current, and technically accurate child passenger safety information. For the price of $50, Head Start facilities may invite up to 50 employees to view the webinar, either individually or as a group session. Additional attendees after 50 cost an additional $1 per person. Pre- and post-quiz results can be shared with managers for record-keeping. If employees need CEs, T/TAS at Western Kentucky University Research Foundation has agreed to award .1 CE for $25. Please e-mail Heidi Heflin at or call 310/941-2322 with your inquiries.


$18 or $25 or $40Special order.
Contact SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. for shipping/handling.

10% discount on signs for current SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. members
(include your member number on the order form).

12” x 12” — $18 donation
24” x 24” — $40 donation
(Order “Get It” Sign 12 or 24)

24” x 24” — $25 donation
(Order “Belt” Sign 24)



Love Your Kids? Buckle ‘Em Up! Red letters on white background.
Order Bumper-1. $1 each includes shipping/handling.

Boosters Are For Big Kids“School bus yellow” background with black (English) or red (Spanish) print; 5-Step Test printed on peel-off backing.
Available in English (Order Bumper-2) or Spanish (Bumper-3)$1 each includes shipping/handling.



SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. for Children and Adults” (#1) OR “Buckle Up . . .Somebody needs you!” (#2).
Order Mug #1 or Mug #2.
$7 each + shipping/handling (see chart).


Order a unique gift for your Technicians, Instructors, and volunteers. Pinback buttons (2 1/4”) feature a colorful drawing of the SafetyBeltSafe family. $3 (“Ask Me About Child Passenger Safety”) or $4 (personalized with “CPS Technician”or “CPS Instructor” and either agency name or person’s name) per button, including shipping; $1 extra for a magnet to attach the button to a shirt without pinning.

See the buttons on the Button order formPrint and fill in the Button form with quantities and desired wording, then scan and email it along with our Computer Fill-in Order Form (MS Word). Or mail/fax the Button form with the manual Order Form (PDF).

A reproducible copy of the complete resource list, including an order form, is available in PDF format.


Royal blue shirts with white printSafetyBeltSafe family drawing on back, SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. on front.

Adult polo shirt sizes: S, M, L, X, XX, XXXOrder Adult $20 + shipping/handling (see chart)Specify size.

Child T-shirt sizes: XS, S, M, L.
Order Child $12 + shipping/handling (see chart)Specify size.



Reflective message: “THINK SAFETY. BUCKLE UP.”
Order LIC/ENG (English) or LIC/SP (Spanish).
$3 each includes shipping/handling.
$100 for 50 frames + shipping/handling.



Bookmark for children explaining the 5-Step Test, recommending back seat to age 15. Colorful educational piece.
$15 for 100, includes shipping/handling.

Spanish Bookmark for children explaining the 5-Step Test, recommending back seat to age 15. Colorful educational piece.
$15 for 100, includes shipping/handling.

Ordering and Paying Online

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1. List the items you are ordering on either the Computer Fill-in Order Form (save as MS Word file before filling in and printing), or print the normal Order Form (PDF) and fill it in by hand.

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There are no shipping charges for memberships, subscriptions, #450 DVDs, recall list master, buttons, bumper stickers, bookmarks, or a single license plate frame. This chart does not apply to orders for brochures or signs; contact SBS USA for more information.


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