Awards, Recognitions & Achievements


  • The regularly updated 8-hour SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Educator Workshop in Child Passenger Safety has been given since 1980 in California, nationwide in the 1990’s under the sponsorship of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and regularly in California ever since.
  • Developer of the 5-Step-Test (2001).
  • 2015, the inaugural Siegel SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Child Restraint Awards of Excellence were presented to Marc Cohen, CPSTI, volunteer SBS USA Board member, and SBS USA staff Stephanie Tombrello, CPSTI, Executive Director, Adrienne Snitily, Office Coordinator, and Shawn Clinton, Office Assistant, for outstanding promotion of improved child passenger safety.
  • Managing the tether anchor retrofit program for Toyota/Lexus since 2008.
  • NHTSA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to remove the sunset clause that would rescind the lockability requirement for safety belts in by 2012. A petition requesting this action was submitted by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. and Safe Ride News and supported by 177 CPS advocates, many of whom were attendees of Kidz in Motion Conference 2006.
  • 2001 Tombrello Testimony concerning a national plan to protect children ages 4 to 8, presented to NHTSA on July 3, 2001, by Stephanie Tombrello.
  • Nationwide Insurance selected SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. as one of three national winners of the 1996 On Your Side highway safety award, recognizing the “Family Safety in the Car” education program for violators as an exemplary program.
  • Selected by NHTSA as primary consultant for development and delivery of the national training program in child passenger safety in the early 1990s.
  • Successfully petitioned National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require shoulder belts in the outboard rear seats of all post-1988 passenger vehicles.
  • Provided technical input for S. 2070, enacted as the child passenger safety part of the national TREAD Act of 2000, and for H.R.5504, known as Anton’s law, which improves the safety of children 4 and over and mandated center rear shoulder belts, for which SBS USA first petitioned in 1986.
  • Petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration to protect children under age two by requiring that they be properly restrained on aircraft in 1982.


  • Assisted the California Legislature in improvements to the child restraint law, including requiring children under age 8 to ride correctly buckled up in the back seat and, for children 8-15, to use a correctly fitted safety belt or safety seat (2012).
  • Assisted the California Legislature in improvements to the child restraint law, including requiring travel in the back seat for children under age 6 (2005).
  • California Office of Traffic Safety Award for Outstanding Achievement 2000, for state-based programs in child passenger safety.
  • Assisted the California Legislature in improvements to the child restraint law, including provisions to make penalties and fine allocations uniform for failing to properly buckle up any child under age 16 (1994).
  • Assisted the California Legislature with writing the child restraint law (1983) and with amendments throughout the 1990’s.


  • Discovered a counterfeit, illegally imported car seat in the late 1980s. Worked with the Los Angeles Police Department and City Attorney in the investigation, which led to confiscation of thousands of dangerous products and the subsequent public awareness campaign.


  • $25,000 State Farm Youth Advisory Board Award of $25,000 for 5-Step Boosters Are For Big Kids program. Pasadena, California
  • Company Achievement Award for the Safe Ride Helpline from the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business, Greater Los Angeles Chapter.
  • Diamond Mike Award from Mitsubishi Motors 1997.
  • Allstate Safety Leadership Award as Regional Winner of the Community Safety Program 1999.
  • Inaugural Healthy Kidz! Two Thumbs Up! Award in 2006 from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Kohl’s Department Stores.