Available educational webinar for Head Start staff

SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. is pleased to announce that we are able to offer all Head Start organizations around the country the opportunity to access a one-hour, webinar-based session, Why and How Head Start Programs Should Integrate Child Passenger Safety.

After its introduction in July to 150 Head Start providers around the country, SBS USA has received numerous requests to offer this presentation again so that entire Head Start staff can receive the same consistent, current, and technically accurate child passenger safety information.

For the price of $50, Head Start facilities may invite up to 50 employees to view the webinar, either individually or as a group session. Additional attendees after 50 cost an additional $1 per person. Pre- and post-quiz results can be shared with managers for record-keeping.

The Webinar can be reserved for an agreed upon time slot OR be made available for up to a month for individual viewing. A final attendance report and quiz/evaluation results will be available at the completion of the rented time period.

SBS USA also will be happy to answer any questions following the webinar through our Safe Ride Helpline (1-800-745-SAFE).

With car crashes still the #1 cause of serious injury and death for children, all those who care for and about children need to be educated in child passenger safety.

Through this webinar, staff will learn:

    • Why car crashes cause death and injury to children.
    • How deaths and injuries can be prevented.
    • What the childcare sector can do to help families protect the children in their care.

Please e-mail Heidi Heflin at carseatRN@gmail.com or call (310) 941-2322 with your inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.